Team photo on staircase

Pairing People with Properties

Champion Investments owns and provides highly desirable rental properties to residents and businesses in the Shelby area of North Carolina. In business since 1960, we manage every type of rental property such as commercial buildings, residential single-family homes, duplexes, apartment communities, trailer parks and modular homes. We have a portfolio nearing a thousand properties with a large variety of different floor plans and features to suit every tenant’s preferences.

We are a family owned and operated company while helping both tenants and property owners meet their rental goals. We provide services to property owners to maximize the value of their investment properties by offering trusted services. Our staff also assists tenants with their rental needs with dedicated property management work to provide them with beautiful and safe homes.

Working with local tenants and investors from around the world, Champion Investments pairs people with the right property due to our dedicated services. Let us welcome you to a new rental home here in North Carolina.